Juniperus communis oil

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Масло от синя хвойна 150мл.


100% pure, natural, cold pressed, without additives and preservatives., 150 ml.


It is used for muscle, joint and rheumatic pain, tendon, rehabilitation rubs.
Used to all ages and is completely harmless.There were no allergic reactions and side effects.

Directions for use:

Rubbed directly on the affected area. Minimum quantity is on hand and massaging is applied to the skin until absorbed oil can be used an unlimited number of times, it is advisable to rub at least 2 times a day – morning and evening.

Recommendation for use:
In Sports injuries such as strains, hit locations, sprains and partial.
Can also be used preventively to maintain the elasticity of muscles and tendons. Prevents muscle strain and restores the normal state of muscle if applied immediately after exercise.


The dark and dry place at room temperature.


Manufacturer: Eco Oil Fitopolis, Bulgaria
Distributor: “Eco Engineering – S” – Ltd

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