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PURE PRODUCTS from the nature

Natural products


unique products

We offer you unique products, tested in practice that have proved their effect upon people’s health. Some of these products are used in dowsing and are extremely effective protection from geopathogenic zones.


bio oils

Bio oils 100% pure, natural, cold pressed oils. It contains vegetable and essential oils that are produced of extra qualified raw materials, grown in ecological clean places. They are produced by mechanically presses using only the first press and by means of steam distillation and macerating.


natural cosmetics

All of our cosmetics is 100% natural. It contains of cold pressed oils that regenerate cells. The natural cosmetics of Botalife kindly and effectively supports and enhance the functions of the skin and hair. It does not contain parabens, silicon, alcohol and petrol products.


superfood and nutrition supplements

This group contains important nutrition elements such as: vitamins, minerals and microelements that are necessary for the organism. They are called unreplaceable because they can’t be synthesized in the human organism and need to be daily added through food and nutrition supplement.