Grape seed oil

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Масло от гроздови семки – 60 капсули


Grape seed oil

Each capsule contains extract oil from danewort thicket (Sambucus ebulus) in apricot oil to 250 mg.


Properties of Grape seed oil :

The nutritional components of grape seed oil provide a variety of benefits of healthy eating and help reduce skin damage and aging.
Grape seed oil contains unsaturated fatty acids that are necessary for normal cell metabolism. These unsaturated fats also help maintain optimum weight and support heart and brain.
Grape seed oil promotes good eyesight, contributing to the small blood vessels in the eyes to function more effectively.


Application: Food additive is used as an aid to the diet that:

  •  helps to maintain normal concentration of cholesterol in the blood
  • supports heart and circulatory system
  • contributes to improve oxygen delivery to tissues and cells and thus favors the functioning the brain
  • help protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals
  • helps to slow down the aging process of cells
  • positively affects visual acuity
  • helps maintain skin and subcutaneous tissue in optimal condition



ake one or two capsules three times a day with meals.



Keep the container out of children’s reach!
Should not be taken by children!
If you are allergic or have an illness, consult a physician before use!
If you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding consult a physician before use!
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!
The product is not a medicine and not a substitute of a varied diet!

Standardisation: This product meets the TD 23.04.
Storage: Store in a dark, dry place at moderate temperature.
Packing: PP bottle of 60 capsules and instructions for use.
Shelf life: Two years from date of manufacture.


Manufacturer : Phytopharma
Distributor : “Eco Engineering-S”

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